Moellin, Jacob

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Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.

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  • MOELLIN, JACOB BEN MOSES — (1360?–1427), usually referred to as Maharil (Morenu ha Rav Jacob ha Levi) and also as Mahari Segal and Mahari Molin), the foremost talmudist of his generation and head of the Jewish communities of Germany, Austria, and Bohemia. Born in Mainz,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • JACOB OF VIENNA — (end of 14th–beginning of 15th century), Austrian rabbi. Known also as Jekel of Eiger, he studied under   R. Moshel of Znaim, Moravia, and was rabbi at Eiger, Krems, and Vienna. jacob moellin consulted him, and Israel isserlein held him in high… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • WEIL, JACOB BEN JUDAH — (d. before 1456), German rabbi and halakhic authority in the first half of 15th century. The name Weil was derived from the town of that name in the Neckar district. Weil s main teacher was jacob moellin (the Maharil), who ordained him and… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • LANDAU, JACOB — (15th century), German talmudist. Landau s father, JUDAH (d. 1464), was a favorite pupil of jacob moellin and a relative of jacob weil who refers to Judah in his responsa with great respect. Judah maintained a large yeshivah in Germany and was… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Molin, Jacob — (Mölln, Moellin) (c. 1365, Mainz – 1427, Mainz?)    Also known as Maharil, rabbinic authority who standardized the practices of chanting in Ashkenazic liturgy, including the Missinai melodies. His usages were compiled about 1450 and printed as… …   Historical dictionary of sacred music

  • Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin — Jacob b. Moses Moelin ( he. יעקב בן משה מולין; c. 1365 ndash; 1427) was a Talmudist and posek (authority on Jewish law) best known for his codification of the customs ( minhagim ) of the German Jews. He is also known as Maharil the Hebrew acronym …   Wikipedia

  • GERMANY — GERMANY, country in north central Europe. The Talmud and the Midrash use Germania (or Germamia ) as a designation for northern European countries, and also refer to the military prowess of these peoples and to the threat they posed to the Roman… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • LITERATURE, JEWISH — Literature on Jewish themes and in languages regarded as Jewish has been written continuously for the past 3,000 years. What the term Jewish literature encompasses, however, demands definition, since Jews have lived in so many countries and have… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • MUSIC — This article is arranged according to the following outline: introduction written sources of direct and circumstantial evidence the material relics and iconography notated sources oral tradition archives and important collections of jewish music… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • MINHAG — (Heb. מִנְהָג; custom, usage ) from the verb to lead. DEFINITION The word is found in the Bible (II Kings 9:2) meaning the driving (of a chariot) but it was taken by the rabbis to refer to usage. As such, it is used in a wide variety of senses.… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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